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Roof restoration of a Private Home – Best Therapy for Roofing

If the roof is worn to one degree or another, it does not always mean that it is necessary to completely change it. Roof restoration a private home is an event that is good enough in many cases. Depending on the level of damage, this can be a major task or a small fix. The older the coating, the more forces and materials it will have to spend. But after that the roof will thank you, having served reliably for many more years.

The evaluation and assessment of the roof

First you need to climb the attic and find out what the condition of the rafters, floors and waterproofing layer is. It is necessary to check if it is getting damp from there, if mold occurs. If the tree becomes completely faded or covered with dark spots, it may be due to the constant moisture. Signs of tired roofing can be wet walls and ceilings in the home’s rooms.

But in some cases, the roof on it may not be to blame. Sometimes the whole thing is in the leaking pipes (water supply, sewage or heating). Often there are cases when water flows out of the wall, and then into the house through a joint interface.

After a thorough examination of the wrong side of the roof, it was inspected from the outside. First of all, it is necessary to check such nodes of the roof system as – the skate for the purpose when it is full, if its moisture protection is in order.

Then, the areas where the Roof restoration is adjacent to the pipes and other vertical components are the most vulnerable. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the metal apron carefully in these areas. Then they slowly descend into the valleys – perhaps there are many branches and leaves on them that need to be removed and then just look at the element. The cornice board can rot sometimes – so they check it out,

Today it remains to examine the ventilation ducts and the drainage system (for their clogging with waste). Attention should be given to each funnel, gutter and downpipe. Well, roof slopes can be a haven for mosses and lichens – in this case they need to be removed.

In addition, they look to see if bubbles, dents, holes or chips with cracks appear on the roof. By the way, many roof restoration companies have infrared cameras in their arsenal. With their help, you can quickly find leaks and check the whole system. Then, based on the data obtained, the required amount of work and materials is calculated.

The most common roof disease

Often, the roof leaks due to the following reasons:

  • 1.Breaks of roof integrity.
  • 2.Roof joints with walls and vertical elements such as antennas, pipes and parapets may be depressed.
  • 3.Another common problem is a drainage or failure of the drainage system.

All of the above problems arise for the following reasons:

If the fasteners and the roofing material are of poor quality, then they will not last long.

In addition, there may be technological breakdown during the roof installation. Because of this, excessive loads damage the roof.
If you carefully remove snow or ice from the Roof restoration and gutter, you can break it, after which it will begin to fall.

Moss and fungi that inhabit the roof also destroy it, and in some cases this process of destruction can happen faster than you can imagine. To avoid this, it is necessary to carry out the roof maintenance in a timely manner.

Occasionally ruin – even a very high quality roof and a good roof, lying on the roof for a long time, is wearable, requiring replacement or repairs. As you can see, in theory everything is pretty simple. But in real life, it’s not always possible to quickly find a leak point to fix a roof.

Sometimes, drops of water fall indoors when the wind is blowing in from the side, driving rain or snow under the roof. It often happens that leaking from the ceiling is not everything where the water gets inside the house. In such cases, it is best to have the roof and the whole “roofing cake” reviewed by professionals.

System Roof restoration afterwards

The whole roof depends on the rafters, they take on the burden of snow, rain and wind, and of course the severity of the material on the roof itself. And if the rafters are damaged, you should not hesitate. The problem must be resolved immediately.

In a damaged area, remove casing, insulation and roof, disassemble the crate. If the rafter support is rotten, they will clean the affected area properly. Then they fill 80-100 cm long and 3-5 cm thick from both sides of the board. Fasten them with long nails.

It also happens that it decomposes a piece of rafters to the very end. Then you need to cut it out and install a prosthesis bar, 2 or 2.5 times longer than the rotten side of the rafters. On its sides lay the overlays. The entire structure is connected by nails 10 or 15 cm long. While the work is being done, temporary racks are placed under the rafters,

There was another option – the rafters were intact, but the crate was damaged and could no longer bear the weight of the Roof restoration. We eliminate cracks and shortcomings by replacing the crate or by strengthening it. For this, a beam is placed between the rafters and the board is filled in the transverse direction.

Replacement and Roof restoration of thermal insulation and waterproofing layer

Due to the leakages, the insulation may become wet and as a result lose its thermal properties. In this case, you need to change it. However, sometimes his change was due to the fact that, though he was whole, he did not last long in the heat. If you look from the inside of the roof, then the Roof restoration cake is made up of the following layers:

  • First came a waterproof membrane,
  • Then – a heat insulator (mineral wool, as a rule),
  • Next is a layer of steam barrier.

The latter is made of polyethylene, glassine, foil material, steam-permeable membrane.

In the case of insulation damage, a lot of work remains to be done, but you can do the Roof restoration of a private home with your own hands. To do this, remove the lining inside and go to the steam barrier. Removing it, they felt the insulation, checking if it was wet.

All wet plates of the heat insulator should be removed, replaced with dry ones. Add to waterproofing check its integrity. If it’s full, fix this movie back, if damaged – change. At the same time, the waterproof membrane must be positioned so that it is bent around the rafters, so it is attached to them by brackets or nails.

Cut the insulation boards so that they are 1 cm wider than the inter-rail distance. Laying them, gently squeeze, and then place between the rafters. Keeping it upright, the insulation will not disappear – it will hold tight. The joints between the first and second layers of the heat insulator should not be combined.

If the second layer does not fit, increase the thickness of the rafters with overlays. After filling the nails with the rafters, pull a cord over them over the insulation. A layer of steam vapor that overlaps 7 to 10 cm is placed on the insulation, secured to a stapler.

Roof restoration Recipes

Metal tiles

This layer requires repairs if:

  • The sheets are rust;
  • Paint painted them;
  • Roof prevention has occurred.

For Roof restoration, it is sufficient to unscrew the screws holding the damaged sheet, and then replace this sheet with the new one. By the way, manufacturers guarantee this Roof restoration from 10 to 25 years. If during the warranty the metal tile is cracked, discolored or peeled off the base, then it is possible to require replacement.

If replacing the sheet with a new one is not possible, then the crack and chips of the polymer coating are pre-cleaned and degreased, and then painted. But this fix will not last long.

Roof steel roof

The main factors that require Roof restoration:

  • Large gaps appeared;
  • Broken paint work;
  • Cut to the top.

If large gaps appear on the steel roof, then they are covered with silicone sealant. The damaged paint is cleaned, trimmed and coated with enamel of the appropriate color. If the damage is significant, then on rotten Roof restoration sections I apply patches of new steel that connects them using integrated seams.

Cement tiles and sand cement

There are more serious guarantees – from 30 to 50 years. This extends to the integrity of the tiles, their resistance to frost and protection against water. Naturally, at the same time, the laying technology should be followed, and the tile should be shipped correctly. If not, the warranty will fly. They do not alter the material even though there are weak variations in the colors of the tiles.

During Roof restoration, damaged and adjacent tiles should be removed. First of all, the upper ones, then the laterals. Having driven a wedge under the tile, you need to take the edge of the extracted tile with a screwdriver (or trowel). New tiles are placed evenly, taking care of the tightness of the joints.

Bituminous (soft) tile

He has a warranty period of 15 to 25 years. Such roof is modified under warranty if the granulate is poured, has an irregular shape or is applied unevenly. Or the Roof restoration passes water, unable to withstand the weather conditions. But due to improper installation, maintenance or use in aggressive conditions, the warranty loses.

If the cracks in this coating are small, then you can seal it. Lifting the tile, we sprayed it with glue on the Roof restoration from the inside, and then we pressed it onto the base plane, holding the gluing area for a few minutes. However, it does occur that there are many cracks in the roof – so it’s best to change it. Having pulled the nails in the desired place, it was cut, then a whole sheet of tile was inserted. Combine the edges. Work was carried out at positive temperatures – 5-25 0 C.


If the damage is minor, then the following Roof restoration method (you will need to work when it is cloudy). After cleaning the Roof restoration with a hard brush (water is provided from the hose), it is dried. Then apply soil – diluted PVA (glue – 1 part, water – 3 parts). We applied the prepared mixture with a layer of at least 2 millimeters, covering the cracks.

In the damage, the slate sheet was changed. To do this, from a sheet in need of replacement, the nails were completely removed. On the adjacent sheets that pressed the sheet to be removed, the nails were not fully reached, but only raised higher. It is necessary for the neighboring sheets to begin to rise and allow to recover the damaged sheet and place a new one. By the way, the manufacturer provides a guarantee for the slate – up to 15 years.

Roof restoration the drainage system

Usually, the flow begins to leak when the tightness of the joints is broken. This usually occurs in winter under the influence of snow and ice. Therefore, if the system is made of PVC, then all the elements are usually connected to a dichloroethane glue or rubber seal. If necessary, replace them with ethylene-propylene rubber gaskets. But gluing joints are more difficult to replace: you need to cut a piece of pipe, and then glue a new one with the same glue.

Individual elements of metal gutters are usually fixed with rivets, which should be drilled when replacing parts. To replace worn parts, they are riveted to each other, and a silicone sealant is applied to the joints.

We seal the ventilation and chimney joints

These areas (ventilation, chimney, skylight and antenna) require special attention and control. Their joints need to be coated with glue on the roof. A special sealing tape is also appropriate. There is also an option – to close these areas with overlays with decorative trim. And then after the repairs, the Roof restoration of the country house will be both durable and elegant.

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