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Bathroom renovation essential tips

Today we want to show you a list of very useful tips and solutions when doing your bathroom renovation.

A correct distribution, an appropriate lighting, innovation in materials or an impeccable installation are some of the objectives to be achieved today to ensure a functional and cozy bathroom renovation. That is why we are going to try to give you some tips and information so that you get a totally different look in your bathroom.

bathroom renovation

1. Planning

When it comes to bathroom renovation, one of the most important things is planning of course.

All renovation or remodeling work must first have a clear plan of what must be done. To do this, plan in advance and to the millimeter the changes you want to make so that you do not find yourself with unpleasant surprises later.

It is also essential to choose well the time of year in which you want to do the work.

2. Change in facilities

The first step when renewing your installation is to check the plumbing system and whether it should be replaced by a completely new one. For this reason, it is mandatory if its longevity exceeds ten years, if it does not comply with current regulations or if it is composed of heavy materials such as lead.

3. Functional aspect

Experts recommend easy routing of both supply and drain lines to avoid annoying clogs. They also recommend installing the rest room as close as possible to the drain pipe.

4. New materials

Decades ago the common practice in bathrooms was to use materials such as galvanized steel or lead. At present, and to have a simple bathroom that is adequate for the times, it is necessary to opt for modern, resistant and quality materials.

Tiling has consistently been the star material thanks to its marvelous transformation, there are models and completes for all preferences and pockets.

5. Remote water and electricity

As is documented, water and electricity aren’t pleasant traveling companions.

Therefore, both elements should be as far away as possible from each other. The installation of sockets or light switches have to keep a minimum distance according to the experts of one meter from the shower or the sink.

6. Siphon boat

A very current and advisable fashion is the placement of a siphon pot. It is a small tank of at least 110mm that is installed at a suitable height to prevent water from leaking out of the sanitary fixtures when flushing. Its main function is that the odors from the pipes don’t return through them.

7. Less is more to renovate the bathroom

The philosophy less is more is extremely applicable also within the bathroom renovation. Think before you act but with the space you have it is likely that you can install some more piece with a correct distribution. Maybe change the bathtub for a shower tray or place a bidet but always keeping the distances to be able to move without stress.

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8. Lighting my bathroom

Light is a fundamental part. The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house but requires lighting such as in the living room. It is also the recommendation of manufacturers to create different environments with more or less power and with directed light. It is ideal to find the part of the shower with its own lighting and the area of the sink or mirror with a more intense light.

9. Storage

The bathroom also requires a storage system to store the different usual and necessary products of that room in the house. The most common is the typical cabinet for the washbasin that can be combined with an external cabinet or with useful drawers or shelves.

10. The mirror

The mirror may be undervalued when remodeling a bathroom but more and more customers influence this element with an important part. A large mirror can give the feeling of spaciousness in a smaller bathroom or even more spectacular in a large bathroom. In addition, the lighting of the same must be taken into account, the height at which to install it or the placement either glued to the wall or surface.

As we always hope we have been able to help you and for any doubt, question or suggestion, do not hesitate to contact us at Complete shower seal.

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