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Home automation with us

Now, when new glands for home automation controlling light bulbs, air conditioners and other household utensils appear almost every day, the question of connecting all this wealth into one network is very acute.

But the world, fortunately, does not sleep and is diligently dealing with this problem. There are both free solutions of decent quality and paid ones (not the fact that they are of good quality).

Home automation with broker

Like the world, I can’t sleep either, and I, like the whole world, have been for many years in a row, and for the last three years I have been especially diligent in integrating all kinds of equipment into a smart home.

home automation

In this article I want to highlight home automation and how to illuminate (and not only) your cozy home using an Open Source project. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to say that all home automation is done in JavaScript!

Begin with, a little dry theory and demagogy on the topic of a smart home.
Everyone understands by this term something different. Someone turns on the light in the bathroom using a motion sensor and thinks the house is already smart, and for someone, the house from Iron Man is not smart enough, because this house was eventually blown to smithereens, which means it is not I was able to protect myself from some fellows in helicopters .

But jokes aside, these people are all right. It’s just that the level of “intelligence” at home is also different, like the IQ of people. There are small “children” who know how to turn on a light bulb, and there are “academicians” who graduated from university and who are able not only to turn on the light, but also to turn it off 🙂

List can be continued, but I would like to focus on the most used directions. Each area of ​​home automation has its own device system, each with its own protocols, applications and control methods. At the moment there are noa manufacturer capable of providing devices in each of the home automation areas. 

But there are some that have come especially far: Samsung, Google, Apple. At the same time, each of the manufacturers necessarily invents their own wheel of interaction protocols and no one wants to give way to another. The interaction protocol from google Weave seems to be the most thought out though .

There are also attempts to create a protocol regardless of the manufacturer. In this direction, has advanced the farthest with . But, unfortunately, there is no standardized channel for getting descriptions about devices, such as units of measure, location / room, functional group (blinds or lights) and other meta information.

And what do I mean by a smart home or, as mentioned above, what level of home automation suits me? I experimented a lot and came to the conclusion that all these controls from the phone, voice control or plotting temperature graphs are just toys.

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