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When choosing your new garage door, are you hesitating between a sectional or tilting opening? If both types of doors remain popular with the French, each has its advantages and must be chosen carefully! Take into account the dimensions of your garage and those of the walls in height or on the sides. Where is your garage? How big is it, and how is it designed? Between aesthetics and ergonomics, your heart swings? Take stock with the advice of our experts in custom carpentry.

garage doors
garage doors

The sectional garage door, prized by 65% ​​of French.

How does a sectional garage door open? Simply ! It is sticking on the walls of the ceiling, to occupy a minimum of space. Designed from panels that slide along metal rails, it fits both large and small garages, provided that their roof is not sloping.

In addition, its thermal and acoustic capabilities are excellent! In fact, the sectional doors have double-walled panels with a coefficient of energy loss. They insulate, protect from cold winds, and are particularly waterproof.

What is the big advantage of sectional doors? Their ergonomics! If you live in a street, where you open your garage every morning, this door gives you the assurance of never encroaching on the path of passers-by!

garage door

What are the modern features of the new overhead garage doors?

Do not hesitate to opt for a tilting garage door if you have room in front of your garage. Indeed, if it advances slightly during its maneuver, and can annoy the people who pass, its interest lies in its thermal performance and in its attractive visual.

This door falls entirely under the ceiling where it is hiding. It can measure up to A place that will be released on the sides, and will allow you to store many things.

Very elegant, the tilting Many elements are found on both sectional and tilting doors. So you can choose the design of both types of doors. Would you like a cassette-like, thin-grooved or rather smooth look? Moreover, why not add a porthole to let the light filter while preventing gales?

Also note that both doors can be manual or motorized. If you are looking for maximum comfort, you can opt for a Comfy engine that will allow you to open or close in one click. All you have to do is slip a remote control into the glove box of your car … end up with the comings and goings in the rain and the wind!

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