Video Content for Small Business

Have you considered adding video to your Content Marketing strategy?

Eluminate Media offer low cost video production for Australian businesses. There are some major benefits to offering video to your audience and the cost and time constraints no longer need to be prohibitive. Allow us to produce a company video for as little as $500 which increases sales and gets your brand in front of a massive audience. We are a friendly, Melbourne based agency that look forward to dealing with you and getting results for your small business.

How We Produce Your Video

We have two approaches available for producing your video. Firstly we use Powtoon to create animated style videos that are popular for a wide range of industries. This is a lower cost option that works really well for company introduction videos. The second option is for us to visit you and produce video onsite. This could be a video of the business owner introducing their company, or possibly a product explainer video that shows the product in action. There are loads of possibilities so we suggest contacting us with what you need and we’ll provide you with some suitable options.

Does Your Business Need Video Content?

Make no mistake about it, in order to dominate your industry online, you need good content. Providing your audience with compelling video content can help you in several ways:

  • ~Enhanced perception of your brand
  • ~SEO Benefits
  • ~Increased lead generation
  • ~Increase sales conversion rate
  • ~Increased repeat purchases


These are just some of what you can achieve with effective video content marketing. Contact Eluminate Media today to get your own video series started.

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